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Woods Primary School, Magherafelt
Remember reusable bottles and no single use plastic in lunchboxes please! From ECO Team 2020 Let’s keep up the great work and reduce our use of single use plastic items.  If you can avoid disposable cutlery, polystyrene trays, tinfoil and plastic sandwich bags that would be brilliant for our planet. Thank you all for your support.
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Mrs Julie Gardiner P1
Mrs Jill Milliken P2/Vice-Principal
Mrs Jennie Duncan P3
Mrs Julie Brady P4
Mr Andrew Stewart P5
Mr Gary Lennox P6
Miss Carol McQuillan/Mrs Alison Bell P7

 Principal: Mrs Karen White

Mrs Jayne Clements Secretary
Mrs Dawn Steadman Classroom Assistant
Mrs Tracey Crooks Classroom Assistant
Mrs Sylvia Stewart Classroom Assistant
Mrs Lorna Patterson Classroom Assistant 

Mrs Tracey Sheppard

Mrs Diane Johnston

Mrs Lorna Patterson

Miss Hannah Watterson

Classroom Assistant

Classroom Assistant

Classroom Assistant

Classroom Assistant

Mrs Wilma Brown Lunch Time Supervisory Assistant
Mrs Dawn Steadman Lunch Time Supervisory Assistant
Mrs Lorna Patterson Lunch Time Supervisory Assistant
Ms Mary Devlin Building Supervisor
Mrs Tracey Shepherd Cleaner
Mrs Oliveene Bell Cook
Mrs Helen Nesbitt Catering Assistant